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What is Medical Cost Sharing?


Health Insurance – NO Personal Responsibility

Pay a Premium every month to a third party Insurance Company who accepts the financial risk for your health.

Medical Cost Sharing – Personal Responsibility

Group Medical Cost Sharing is built upon the principles used by some of the Christian healthcare sharing groups. For the past 70 years, either the insurance model or the government has dominated the economic model of healthcare. However, in the late 1980’s and early ‘90’s, some modern-day Christian groups began comparing the escalating costs of healthcare with the simple and effective manner in which older Christian groups (such as the Amish) handled their property and casualty needs. We have all heard of the proverbial Amish “Barn Raising.” There is no need to insure the “barn” because the community will come together for a “barn raising” if it should burn down.

These Christian groups decided to follow the Biblical mandate of “bearing one another’s burdens” by sharing healthcare costs in a similar fashion, members of the community literally share one another’s medical bills. This method of meeting needs proved effective as it withstood court challenges from its “outside the box” approach (which was, in reality, a reintroduction of the historical sharing approach modeled by the Amish!).

Now fast-forward to 2010 and the ACA. The impressive growth of the Christian health care sharing movement had, by now, led to hundreds of thousands of individuals and families not using an insurance model, but rather trusting to the sharing of needs as administered by these health care sharing groups. So the ACA, in recognizing the effectiveness of these groups and their sound legal history, enshrined their legitimacy in law by granting an exemption to the law’s penalties for those who were a part of these recognizable groups.

Although the exemption of the law only applies to a very limited number of qualified Christian health care sharing groups and their members, the model of health care sharing has proven legitimate and effective. As long as one can find other ways of fulfilling the law’s mandates, the health care sharing methodology can teach us much.

This is where Sedera Health was born as a concept. Sedera Health (Sedera) is a group healthcare solutions and benevolence organization. It’s modeled after a number of proven and highly successful medical sharing ministries that have facilitated the sharing of their member’s healthcare expenses for more than two decades within the confines of the Christian community. The actual sharing model has its roots philosophically in religious movements that can be traced back to the time of Christ.

Sedera is a Delaware corporation founded in response to the urgent need of companies to find affordable ways to help with the healthcare costs of their employees. Sedera’s founders have been deeply involved in issues of medical cost containment for the past 18 years, working with clients all around the country with members in all 50 states. Sedera’s administrative offices are located in Austin, Texas. Sedera’s purpose is to administer a benevolence organization designed to assist its members in the sharing of legitimate medical expenses by and for the exclusive use of its members.

Sedera’s emphasis is on facilitating community for its members through the sharing of their financial needs, and by encouraging one another with practical tools to maintain their health. Sedera’s member companies and their employees willingly assist one another with healthcare costs through voluntary monthly giving. Each member contributes an assigned amount each month and those contributions are shared, to meet member medical expense NEEDS in full!

What is Medical Cost Sharing?


How Much Does It Cost? The My Academy of Health ExcellencePlus solution combines everything you’ll need to become a successful ‘Free-Market Patient’ who is MPowered with health cost sharing:

  • 1 Member $249 (Individual) w/ a $1000 0r $299 w/ a $500 Initial Unshared Amount
  • 2 Members $485 (Couple) w/ a $1000 or $599 w/ a $500 or Initial Unshared Amount
  • 2+ Members $427 (Parent w/ Children) w/ a $1000 or $520 w/ a $500 Initial Unshared Amount
  • 3+ Members $638 (Family) w/a $1000 or $786 w/ a $500 Initial Unshared Amount
Will My Doctor Take It? “Yes – there is NO Network! It is a Total Open Access Program- Any Doctor that takes Cash or Credit Cards is available.

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