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Employer – True Group Enrollment Platform

 Group Census

 True Group Set Up & Costs Timeline this process takes 4-6 weeks

1. Set Up Health Care Sharing (Sedera) Time Frame: 1st of the month prior to effective date Associated Employer Cost – None

2. Set up Banking /Escrow Accts (Business Bank of Texas) Time Frame: 2 weeks Associated Employer Cost – None

3. Set up Health & Wellness component (MyAHE) TimeFrame – 3 weeks Associated Employer Costs – None

4. Set up MEC (ASI) Time Frame: 1 week Associated Employer Costs – $400 set up fee

5. Set up HSA (HSA Bank) Time Frame: 1 week Associated costs: $2.50 per month (employee)

6. Set Up Payroll Withholding’s for Health Care Sharing contributions – Post Tax MEC & HSA contributions – Pre Tax Time Frame: Dependent on Company Payroll and plan effective date