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MPowering Benefits LLC Group

Designed for Individuals and Families

The best Medical Cost Sharing Solution is a Group Employer/Employee/Contractor Benefits Platform offer by Sedera Health.
MPowering Benefits is an Independent Marketing Agency of My Academy of Health Excellence. Our Employee/Contractor Benefits Plan is available to Anyone willing to help us spread the message of My Academy of Health Excellence and Health Excellence Plus.

Join the MPowering Benefits LLC employee/contractor ACA Compliant health benefit platform. You’re eligible to enroll in Health Excellence Plus if you become an MPowering Benefits LLC Independent Contractor by completing a health risk assessment (this is a “living risk assessment” because it gives you the ability to continually update the assessment and create new goals when you achieve previously-established goals) and then refer at least one person per year who becomes a member and remains enrolled for a minimum of 60 days. You’ll be compensated $25 for completing the assessment and $100 for each qualified referral. You’ll receive a 1099 and, as such, are permitted to enroll in the program.

  • 1 Member $249 (Individual) w/ a $1000 0r $299 w/ a $500 Initial Unshared Amount
  • 2 Members $485 (Couple) w/ a $1000 or $599 w/ a $500 or Initial Unshared Amount
  • 2+ Members $427 (Parent w/ Children) w/ a $1000 or $520 w/ a $500 Initial Unshared Amount
  • 3+ Members $638 (Family) w/a $1000 or $786 w/ a $500 Initial Unshared Amount

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