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My Academy of Health Excellence provides a holistic approach to healthcare and wellness. We help individuals and groups save money on medical expenses, everyday needs and wellness solutions. We MPower our members to choose their own doctors, healthcare professionals and allow for alternative solutions. We educate, communicate and create community around all aspects of health and wellness so you can make the best decisions for you and choose the healthiest lifestyle that suits your needs.

Get the Decision Guide, is an informational tool to guide you through your healthcare decision making process. The Decision Guide provides explanations of: who we are, how we work, how we keep costs down, program options, suggested share amounts, and how to enroll. Health Excellence Plus is freedom from health insurance. We’re here to help you explore if a health strategy is the correct healthcare solution for you.

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My Academy of Health Excellence™ is ‘The Hub’ where patients, doctors, and the tools they need meet. Through the Health Freedom Report™, WellFit Community™, Living Health Planner™ and Health Excellence Market Square™ individuals and doctors have the power and resources to be in control of their own health destiny for a change. Uniquely delivered through a custom tailored wellness approach, personal assistant, social environment, cost payment mechanisms, vetted tools and resources all conveniently located and coordinated from one simple place. Member Benefits: World Med Program with up to 70% lower costs

The Health Freedom Report represents the highest profile aspect of the Academy of Health Excellence’s Health Freedom Hub quadrant (the other three including the WellFit Community™, the Living Health Planner™ and the Health Freedom Market Square™ ). The Report comprises the breaking news, emerging trends and leading voices for all resources of your health and the medical market. From the practical to the political and from the economic to the latest medical discovery, the Health Freedom Report creates your reliable source of information curated all in one place. Stories, videos, Self Pay comparisons - even a Health Professionals Corner covering innovations, new therapies and even entrepreneurs you are going to want to connect with.  It’s your daily dose to head off medical storms, take control of one’s health, and join the movement for a truly free health market.

My Academy of Health Excellence Wellness offers a comprehensive health and wellness approach designed to effectively engage members, administer client level incentives and deliver improved outcomes. Our solution includes state-of-the-art tools and programs that are recognized as leaders within the industry, featuring a truly unique combination that is sure to deliver on all your health and wellness programming needs.
Group Health Share Plans (effective date 5/1)Sedera Health Sharing Organization, a self-pay Patient Platform complete with a MEC (minimum essential coverage) covering Preventative Service with $0 co-pay, Access to a HSA (health savings account- for small and medium needs), member services and Health Sharing for large needs with a choice of unshared amount. ($500 or $1000 per incident) Employee, Agent and Affiliate Representative Health Sharing Plan (effective date 5/1)MPowering Benefits LLC, an employee/contractor benefit platform utilizing MyAHE for health cost elimination via wellness and engagement and all the features described in section one “Group Health Share Plan”.

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